Ladies hosiery - lexicon

DEN abbreviation

DEN is a marking of denier unit that measures the thickness (or rather weight) of yarns.
According to a number which is mentioned in front of the abbreviation, you can estimate  fineness of a product and it´s durability.

The lower value of DEN, the finer tights are. Classical pantyhose usually have 20 DEN.

Body part of a pantyhose

Tights can have a body part of a classical size going up to waist or lowered.
Hipster tights with lower waist are popular among younger generation in a connection with fashion of hipster trousers and skirts.

A body part can be reinforced in the following ways

  • fully reinforced - so called design "Panty" which provides comfort feeling during wearing
  • not reinforced either with reinforced part around the middle seam (tights with "T-band" in a body part) or without any reinforcement (sheer all through). Both types are suitable to be worn with a mini-skirt.

Leg length

Leg length is a visible part of a pantyhose. It can be transparent or opaque.
It is related to a thickness stated in DEN (please see above mentioned information about what the abbreviation means) which is written on packaging.


Gusset makes a body part of pantyhose more stretchable. Makes wearing of tights comfortable. Kinds of gussets


There are two performances of a toe. It can be

  • reinforced = more common variant, toe is well resistant to tering and eye running
  •  without reinforcement (so called sandal toe) suitable for shoes with opened toe, more elegant


Majority of tights usually does not have reinforced heel.

Reinforced heel is more resistant to tearing.
It will be appreciated mainly by women who have a problem with cracked heels.

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