Company history

Prewar period

Predecessor of Evona company was called "Popprovka" it was the most important producer in the shoe and textile industry. Success of this company began in 1879. In 1903 with 350 employees, it got a title of "the largest in Austria" .

World Wars and the period between

Plans for the further development slowed down during the first World war. The company survived thanks to military contracts. In 1917 from 800 to 900 workers were working in production an annual production was around 400,000 pairs of shoes. It turned out as a necessity to build its own network of stores. About eighty of them were founded in 1938.

Production of hosiery
Parallely, the production of stockings in the national company EVA continued. The company became well known for a good quality, not only on a domestic market but also abroad. In 1945 the company was nationalized, after that the shoe production ended up in 1949.

The company "EVA" mainly produced stockings made of an artificial silk. After that production department started looking for new materials. In 1953 company began to manufacture products made of polyamide (nylon) fibers. Products had a huge success - it was demonstrated by an enormous increase of production up to 351%.

From 1968-1969 the company started to produce products under its own Evona brand.